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SkyStock’s Free Adobe Lightroom Preset

Adobe Lightroom presets can be used to help your editing workflow by providing some specific editing settings that can be used on your photos. There are thousands of presets available including free and paid, all providing different effects. Who is SkyStock? SkyStock is a platform for photographers to sell their photos and videos, as well … More

Which is the best drone to buy?

A very open ended question and depends on a large range of factors, however it is a question we see asked all the time, so here are the results! Looks the the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is still the most loved drone out there. Is there a Mavic 3 on the horizon? We can’t wait … More

Randall Warnas – Autel Robotics

Today, we are very privileged to be interviewing Randall Warnas; new CEO of Autel Robotics , the 2nd largest drone manufacturer in the world. For those who don’t know Randall he originally cut his teeth working for FLIR Systems with a focus on drones and their thermal imagery, as well as established the foundation of DJI Enterprise … More

Tom Pils – The Drone Lawyer

Today we chat with Tom Pils, who is more commonly known as The Drone Lawyer , as well as being the President of the Association of Australian Certified UAV Operators (ACUO) . SkyStock (SS): Tell us how you became The Drone Lawyer? Tom: Luck and timing. While I’m certainly not the first lawyer to practice in drone law, it seems that I was … More

Improve your Operator listing with these 4 quick tips

We have recently launched the operator search function. Follow these 4 quick tips to ensure that your listing stands out: Add a logo (Avatar) via the Profile section of your dashboard. If you don’t have a photo, just use a nice aerial photo as that looks better than the default option. Ensure you set an accurate … More

Dr Catherine Ball – World of Drones & Robotics Congress

Catherine is a Scientific Futurist, Tech Influencer, Author, Champion of Diversity, Drone Expert and Associate Professor. She is also Co-Creator of the World of Drones & Robotics Congress held annually in Brisbane. SkyStock (SS): You have quite a list of titles. When people ask you what you do, how do you summarise it? Catherine: I … More

Top 3 ways to increase your Sales

Looking to increase your sales numbers? Here are our top 3 tips: Upload: Stock is a numbers game. The more you have uploaded the more likely you’ll receive a sale. Location: Ensure your content is accurately located to help customers find your content. Photos (with exif data) will be automatically mapped by our platform. Videos … More

Operator Search Launched

How is SkyStock different to other operator searches: – Free to list and use. No monthly fees or commissions. – Direct contact with customers. – Focusses on local operators via a map-based search. – Utilises your stock portfolio to showcase your skills. – Avoid the race to the bottom, with customers only able to contact one operator … More

Join our Thermal Drone Operator database

After the feedback from our expression of interest we are now accepting thermal drone operators into our database. This is for a client who received over 1,000 requests to find lost pets in 2020, and if we can put together a solid database of operators then drones will become a bigger part of their nationwide operation. The jobs will … More Relaunch Competition – Winners

With a $4,000 prize pool it came down to 5 entries out of over 10,000 to battle it out for the $1,000 Grand Prize. Congratulations everyone who entered, there were so many great entries and was very difficult to narrow them down by our guest judges. Interested in being a part of SkyStock? Become a SkyStock Contributor today  The Relaunch … More

Runner Up – Launch FNQ Incubator

SkyStock was chosen as 1 of 10 start-ups to be a part of the 2020  Launch FNQ Incubator Program. This involved weekly cohort and education sessions, including a 1-on-1 with Peter Laurie,  held over 8 weeks. The program culminated in a Pitch Night where SkyStock was fortunate enough to be judged as runner-up finalist. SkyStock thanks Peter and the … More

Thermal drone finds lost Cavoodle in Byron Bay Hinterland

Shauli a Cavoodle was lost in bushland just outside of Byron Bay. After 2 days of searching the owners put the call out to Anne from Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge to help. By 6pm, that evening, Anne contacted SkyStock to help locate a drone operator with a thermal camera. By 5am the next morning, Nathan from Industrial Drone Services Australia was onsite searching with … More

DJI Mavic Series Comparison – Updated July 2021

Updated July 2021   The DJI Mavic series has taken the top position from the Phantom series for the most common drone in the world. With a range of always updating models, it is hard to stay on top of the latest models. The above image is as it stands in July 2021. DJI is … More

Video Requirements

Don’t despair if your videos are rejected. We will work with you to improve your video submissions. SkyStock aims to offer clients high-quality resolution videos and our requirements are: Format: MP4 or MOV. Location: This is by far the biggest reason for video rejection. Please ensure an accurate location of where your video was taken … More

December Competition: Industrial and Farming

Theme: Industrial and Farming Entries for this months competition are now closed. For further details about the competition please see Relaunch Competition page. Winner: Milo H, 53.8% of the vote “This photo was taken in Gladstone, which is where we stayed overnight on our drive up to Airlie Beach. I remember forcing myself to get up at something like … More

November Competition: Coastal and Beaches

Theme: Coastal and Beaches Entries for this months competition are now closed. For further details about the competition and other monthly prize draws please see Relaunch Competition page. Winner: Tim B, 89.8% of the vote “I was on holiday with my family in Wollongong and always wanted to visit the Sea Cliff Bridge. The weather didn’t allow for the … More

World of Drones and Robotics Congress 2020 Exclusive We have 8 virtual delegate passes to give away. Keep an eye on our social media channels for details.   Facebook        Twitter        Instagram        LinkedIn Additionally, we can offer a 30% discount on all registrations. Simply sign up at and when prompted, enter the discount code: D30PC Winners: 1: Dan W, for uploading … More

October Competition: Outback and Rural

Theme: Outback and Rural Entries for this months competition are now closed. For further details about the competition and other monthly prize draws please see Relaunch Competition page. Winner: Barry S, 63.9% of the vote “The photo tried to capture the solitary emptiness between destinations bringing the world to a single point. The road reaching to the horizon. There … More

September Competition: Cities and Towns

Theme: Cities and Towns Entries for this months competition are now closed. For further details about the competition and other monthly prize draws please see Relaunch Competition page. Winner: Darren R, 72.7% of the vote “My wife, daughter and I were recently driving back through this location on the way back from the Sunshine Coast, and I … More

August Competition: Nature and Environment

Theme: Nature and Environment Entries for this months competition are now closed. For further details about the competition and other monthly prize draws please see Relaunch Competition page. Winner: Brendan A, 74.6% of the vote “I was going to actually go for a surf that morning but it was pretty flat, so I pulled my Mavic 2 … More Relaunch Competition

Competition completed. Check out the monthly winners below, and overall positions at   To celebrate the relaunch of our new platform  we are having our largest aerial photography competition yet! The total prize pool is worth $4,000. There is no limit to the number of entries so start uploading today. Competition runs from August until December with … More

Getting started with Ben

As a part of our business assistance series, we will be following the real-life progress of Ben Sheriff . A skilled hobbyist photographer, Ben is currently using a Mavic 2 Pro and Canon 5D Mark III. Ben is an international airline pilot who suddenly finds himself out of work with no pay for an unknown duration due … More

Business Assistance Series

SkyStock’s goal is to help our contributors ensure they are using the best practices to try and help their business’ be as successful as possible. We will be utilising our experiences as well as experiences of other businesses to build up a series of posts in a range of different fields. We won’t be giving … More

Known Bugs and Issues

We are actively developing the site and adding features regularly. If you haven’t already check out our Development Plan.  While we do our best to make sure everything works, bugs and issues with the platform will happen. Known Bugs (Updated June 2021): Video uploads has had some tweaks. If you have any issues uploading please let us … More