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Commission Rates

We set up SkyStock due to the disgustingly poor commission rates we were receiving from some of the major players in the industry. We once received a commission of $0.25 and immediately removed our photos for sale. Our goal of SkyStock was to provide a better platform where we are able to find a happy … More

Photo Requirements

Don’t despair if your images are rejected. We will work with you to improve your imagery. SkyStock aims to offer clients high-quality resolution images and currently, photos will be rejected for: Location: This is by far the biggest reason for photo rejection. Please ensure an accurate location of where your image was taken from. Most … More

Upload Process

We have improved and automated the new upload process to make it easier on contributors. You can upload content via your Dashboard.  One of the major improvements is a single step upload process. As long as your photo meets the requirements, and has location exif data in the file, once you upload there will be nothing else … More

Transferring from the old to new

Our contributors are the backbone of this platform and we thank you for being a part of it. If you haven’t already, please join our contributors only Facebook group.  This group is an informal location to discuss the platform or anything else related. Make sure when joining the group you enter your SkyStock associated email address or … More