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Top 5 accessories for your drone

So you have purchased your drone. Anything else you need to buy? We surveyed drone operators to see what accessories they had purchased. Batteries were the favourite accessory and for obvious reasons. The more batteries you have the longer you can fly. A carry case or bag is also an important purchase to help look … More

What Video Editing Software should I use?

Have a collection of video clips? Well firstly you should upload the individual clips to SkyStock and then its time to edit them together to make an awesome video. What software should you use? We asked a group of drone photographers and their answers were: Adobe Premier Pro came out on top, but for those looking … More

What Photo Editing Software should I use?

Once you start becoming comfortable with your camera, one of the next steps is to get into photo editing. The question is which one? We asked a group of drone photographers and this is how they responded: Overwhelming the response was for the Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop products. If you are interested in giving Lightroom … More

SkyStock’s Free Adobe Lightroom Preset

Adobe Lightroom presets can be used to help your editing workflow by providing some specific editing settings that can be used on your photos. There are thousands of presets available including free and paid, all providing different effects. Who is SkyStock? SkyStock is a platform for photographers to sell their photos and videos, as well … More

Which is the best drone to buy?

A very open ended question and depends on a large range of factors, however it is a question we see asked all the time, so here are the results! Looks the the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is still the most loved drone out there. Is there a Mavic 3 on the horizon? We can’t wait … More

Randall Warnas – Autel Robotics

Today, we are very privileged to be interviewing Randall Warnas; new CEO of Autel Robotics , the 2nd largest drone manufacturer in the world. For those who don’t know Randall he originally cut his teeth working for FLIR Systems with a focus on drones and their thermal imagery, as well as established the foundation of DJI Enterprise … More

DJI Mavic Series Comparison – Updated July 2021

Updated September 2021   The DJI Mavic series has taken the top position from the Phantom series for the most common drone in the world. With a range of always updating models, it is hard to stay on top of the latest models. The above image is as it stands in July 2021. DJI is also … More

Mavic 2 Pro V Mavic Air 2 Comparison

The Mavic 2 Air (Air) is the new kid on the block. How does it compare to the Mavic 2 Pro (Pro)? Let SkyStock give you a very quick rundown. Photos: The Pro packs a 1″ sensor and produces 20mp photos. In comparison, the sensor in the Air is half the size at 1/2″ and … More

How does the Mavic Air 2 shoot 48mp photos? Quad Bayer Filter

  The Mavic Air 2 specifications seem to indicate that it is the best smaller drone on the market by some margin. The 48mp photos significantly eclipse the 20mp photos of the Mavic 2 Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro, however, all is not what it seems. The Mavic Air 2 does this via the … More