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How will I receive the image or video?

After a successful transaction, the following page will provide a link to download your content immediately. This link will also be emailed to you. If you do not receive this email or think you may have accidentally entered an incorrect email address, contact us to rectify. Ensure you check your junk/spam folder first.

Note you only have 72 hours to download the file. This is to prevent misuse of our content against our licence terms.

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I would like to become a contributor. Where can I sign up?

You can sign up here.

Do I need to hold an aviation licence?

SkyStock is based on aerial photos which can be taken by a number of different methods including poles, hang gliders, drones, ultralights, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and satellites. If you are doing the flying yourself you may require a licence depending on the rules of your local aviation authority. All content uploaded must adhere to … More

What commission rates are paid?

Please see this post about commission rates.

Join our Thermal Drone Operator database

Join our Thermal Drone Operator database

After the feedback from our expression of interest we are now accepting thermal drone operators into our database. This is for a client who received over 1,000 requests to find lost pets in 2020, and if we can put together a solid database of operators then drones will become a bigger part of their nationwide operation. The jobs will … More

SkyStock.net Relaunch Competition – Winners

SkyStock.net Relaunch Competition – Winners

With a $4,000 prize pool it came down to 5 entries out of over 10,000 to battle it out for the $1,000 Grand Prize. Congratulations everyone who entered, there were so many great entries and was very difficult to narrow them down by our guest judges. Interested in being a part of SkyStock? Become a SkyStock Contributor today  The SkyStock.net Relaunch … More

Runner Up – Launch FNQ Incubator

Runner Up – Launch FNQ Incubator

SkyStock was chosen as 1 of 10 start-ups to be a part of the 2020  Launch FNQ Incubator Program. This involved weekly cohort and education sessions, including a 1-on-1 with Peter Laurie,  held over 8 weeks. The program culminated in a Pitch Night where SkyStock was fortunate enough to be judged as runner-up finalist. SkyStock thanks Peter and the … More