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I would like to become a contributor. Where can I sign up?

You can sign up here.

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I would like to become a contributor. Where can I sign up?

You can sign up here.

Do I need to hold an aviation licence?

Short Answer: No. We do not require a licence of any kind. Long Answer: SkyStock is based on aerial photos which can be taken by a number of different methods including poles, hang gliders, drones, ultralights, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and satellites. If you are doing the flying yourself you may require a licence depending … More

What commission rates are paid?

Please see this post about commission rates.

August Competition: Nature and Environment

Theme: Nature and Environment Submit Your Entry Simply upload your photo to the SkyStock.net platform. Sign up and entry is completely free. For further details about the competition and other monthly prize draws please see SkyStock.net Relaunch Competition page. Monthly Prize: $200 and two copies of the Pippa and Dronie book, one for the winner and the other … More

SkyStock.net Relaunch Competition

To celebrate the relaunch of our new platform SkyStock.net we are having our largest aerial photography competition yet! The total prize pool is worth $4,000. There is no limit to the number of entries so start uploading today. Competition runs from August until December with a different theme and prize every month, so be sure to … More

Getting started with Ben

As a part of our business assistance series, we will be following the real-life progress of Ben Sheriff. A skilled hobbyist photographer, Ben is currently using a Mavic 2 Pro and Canon 5D Mark III. Ben is an international airline pilot who suddenly finds himself out of work with no pay for an unknown duration … More