My download link has expired. What can I do?

March 26, 2020 /

You only have 72 hours to download the file. This is to prevent misuse of our content against our licence terms. If for some reason you require additional downloads, or extended time to download please contact us.

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Business Assistance Series

SkyStock’s goal is to help our contributors ensure they are using the best practices to try and help their business’ be as successful as possible. We will be utilising our experiences as well as experiences of other businesses to build up a series of posts in a range of different fields. We won’t be giving … More

Known Bugs and Issues

We are actively developing the site and adding features regularly. If you haven’t already check out our Development Plan. While we do our best to make sure everything works, bugs and issues with the platform will happen. Known Bugs (Updated 26 June 2020): Some blog photos are being watermarked. Some minor address issues from files uploaded … More

Development Plan

There is significant work to be done on the platform, which will keep us busy for some time. Below is our rough order of major improvements, with no set time frames. Note there will be plenty of smaller improvements and features made overtime. We have broken our development plans into two main stages. 1) Contributor … More