Licence Information

We try to keep our licensing simple and consequently purchases are licensed for a single use only. Examples:

  • Real Estate: Can only be used to market a single property.
  • Media: Can only be used for a single report/article. Both print and digital editions of the same report/article is fine.
  • Marketers: Can only be used for a single campaign. Multiple forms of media are fine.
  • Government: Can only be used in relation to one project.
  • Small Business: Can be used to advertise your business in multiple forms of media (print, online, social media, TV etc)
  • Web Developers: Can only be used for a single clients webpage as well as their social media and print advertising (business cards, flyers etc).

Requiring to use the same image again? Contact us to receive a 50% discount to relicense an image.

Require a different licensing method? Please contact us to discuss. As we further develop this platform we will be adding new ways to licence content. Customer’s specific licence requirements may be able to be included automatically in the future.