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August 2, 2021 / Contributors Drones News

Adobe Lightroom presets can be used to help your editing workflow by providing some specific editing settings that can be used on your photos. There are thousands of presets available including free and paid, all providing different effects.

Who is SkyStock?

SkyStock is a platform for photographers to sell their photos and videos, as well as being listed for specific jobs requests. We aim to be different to other stock sties by providing market leading commissions, and focusing on our niche of location specific photography.

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Why this preset?

Well firstly its Free! Additionally it is just a very basic preset to get some extra punch out of your photos. A good starting point for the beginner looking at using presets for the first time, or even a professional to play around with some additional settings.


What is the preset good for?

Photos taken during the day with automatic settings will work well with this preset. Lower light environments such as sunrise/sunset maybe a bit dark, but you can simply increase the exposure to lighten a photo.


What can’t this preset do?

Remember presets are not miracle workers and cannot fix a bad photo. If you have over exposed (too bright) for example it is hard to rescue a photo with editing.

Anything else to know?

A preset can only provide one set of settings which won’t suit every photo due to varying lighting and conditions. Our usual workflow is to utilise this preset when importing the photos into Adobe Lightroom, and then making individual changes to settings to suit the scene. Play with the sliding bars on the Develop panel (see photo above) to get your desired effect.

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