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Topic: Site General

What search options are there?

We base our search solely on location, so search for a specific location and results will be generated around that location. You can move the map around which will adjust the photos in that search area, as well as zooming in and out on the map. You can search for photos, videos or even local … More

Any tips for location search?

Usually, the location marker is from where the image was taken. Perhaps widen your search as higher altitude photos may be outside your search radius however, it will still incorporate the area you are looking for.

What are the location markers based on?

For a majority of cameras used on this platform, the location metadata is included in the image file. Therefore the location marker is where the image was taken. Some cameras require manual entering of location information by our users so may not be completely accurate. Please contact us if you come across a photo with incorrect location … More

Cant find what you are looking for?

You can request a local operator to help attain the content you are looking for.

More questions?

Please contact us  and we will be happy to help you out. Note we are still heavily developing this platform so keep an eye on our social media pages for the latest news and updates.

When will stock videos be available?

Videos are now available. Customers: Expect more uploads in the near future as contributors add in their content. Contributors: Navigate to the Add Video(s) tab on your Dashboard to start uploading.

Transferring from the old to new

Transferring from the old to new

Our contributors are the backbone of this platform and we thank you for being a part of it. If you haven’t already, please join our contributors only Facebook group.  This group is an informal location to discuss the platform or anything else related. Make sure when joining the group you enter your SkyStock associated email address or … More

Upload Process

Upload Process

We have improved and automated the new upload process to make it easier on contributors. You can upload content via your Dashboard.  One of the major improvements is a single step upload process. As long as your photo meets the requirements, and has location exif data in the file, once you upload there will be nothing else … More

Photo Requirements

Photo Requirements

Don’t despair if your images are rejected. We will work with you to improve your imagery. SkyStock aims to offer clients high-quality resolution images and our requirements are: Format: JPG/JPEG and PNG. Location: This is by far the biggest reason for photo rejection. Please ensure an accurate location of where your image was taken from. … More